It's become a lot more difficult recently to receive that same sense of 'automatic gratification' you feel when you show your friend something funny and they laugh on the spot — it feels really nice, we know. Everyone wants to share their feelings of joy, laughter, or amazement, so we want to help capture that beyond the need to decode what "lmfaooo" or "wow! :D" really means.

Although hearing about how funny that video was or how much it made someone “🥺” is great, nothing really beats blind reactions. The rise of quick, snappy video entertainment has made content sharing more enjoyable than ever, but since most of this is asynchronous, this sharing is missing a critical human element: authenticity! Most in-person interactions are enjoyable because you can see the other person reacting as you speak--this wouldn’t be the same if they reacted several minutes to hours after. Now, you can request reactions to your favorite videos, as the person is watching them!

Introducting LMAOO!

Reacting to videos virtually is now more authentic than ever with LMAOO! Choose from your favorite videos and request as many reactions from your friends as you want.